Port Morris Tile & Marble Corporation. PORT MORRIS TILE & MARBLE CORPORATION
1285 Oakpoint Avenue
Bronx, New York  10474
Phone: 718-378-6100
Fax: 718-328-1074

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Arnheim, Nick, Assistant Project Manager
Email: narnheim@portmorristile.com
Avalone, Ralph, Vice President, Tile Division
Email: ravalone@portmorristile.com
Bagtas, Marilou, Assistant Project Manager, Drafting
Email: mbagtas@portmorristile.com
Bertone Jr., John, Vice President, Marble Division
Email: jbertone@portmorristile.com
Beliveau, Chris, Project Manager - Boston
Email: cjb@portmorristile.com
Castaneda, Jennifer, Estimating
Email: jcastaneda@portmorristile.com
Celestino, Paul, Warehouse Manager
Email: pcelestino@portmorristile.com
Chormanski, Don, Drafting
Email: dchormanski@portmorristile.com
Coyne, Jennifer, Assistant Project Manager
Email: jcoyne@portmorristile.com

DeLazzero, James, Terrazzo
Email: jdelazzero@portmorristile.com
DeLazzero II, Vincent P., Chief Executive Officer
Please contact: Jill Pergolini, Executive Assistant
DeVito, Joseph, Sr. Vice President
Email: jdevito@portmorristile.com
Diaz, Wanda, Accounts Payable
Email: wdiaz@portmorristile.com
DiGrande, Joseph, Tile Superintendent
Email: jdigrande@portmorristile.com
Durnell, Don, Project Manager
Email: ddurnell@portmorristile.com
Elias, Aurelio, Vice President of Production
Email: aelias@portmorristile.com
Estela, Robin, Restoration Superintendent
Email: restela@portmorristile.com

Feliciano, Wanda, Payroll
Email: wfeliciano@portmorristile.com
Forlong, Michael, Warehouse Manager
Email: mforlong@portmorristile.com
Furgiuele, Anthony, Marble Superintendent
Email: afurgiuele@portmorristile.com
Golub, Vladimir, Estimator
Email: vgolub@portmorristile.com
Gorecki, Dan, Project Manager
Email: dgorecki@portmorristile.com
Grogan, Emily, Estimator
Email: egrogan@portmorristile.com
Holdsworth, Matthew, Assistant Project Manager
Email: mholdsworth@portmorristile.com
Juranich, Frank, CFO, Vice President, Finance
Email: fjuranich@portmorristile.com
Karcich, Maryann, Accounting
Email: mkarcich@portmorristile.com
Liljegren, Mark, Vice President - Boston
Email: msl@portmorristile.com

Mariani, Franco, Vice President, Port Morris Tile of Italy
Email: fmariani@portmorristile.com
McArdle, Robert, Vice President of Estimating & Special Projects
Email: rmcardle@portmorristile.com
McCarthy, Thomas, Vice President - Boston
Email: tjm@portmorristile.com
Melendez, Gigi, Safety/Insurance Coordinator/Asst. to CFO
Email: gmelendez@portmorristile.com
Mongui, Miguel, Assistant Project Mgr/Drafting
Email: mmongui@portmorristile.com
Nelson-Akpan, Pansy, Accounts Receivable
Email: pnelson-akpan@portmorristile.com
Orsi, Rosemarie, Payroll
Email: rorsi@portmorristile.com
Pelletteri, Louis, Exterior Stone Superintendent
Email: lpelletteri@portmorristile.com
Pergolini, Jill, Executive Assistant
Email: jpergolini@portmorristile.com
Piazza, Sal, Terrazzo Superintendent
Email: spiazza@portmorristile.com
Pitti, Sal, Project Manager/Estimator
Email: spitti@portmorristile.com
Previl, Joelle, Assistant Project Manager
Email: jprevil@portmorristile.com
Romito, Patricia, Restoration Supervisor
Email: promito@portmorristile.com

Sariucak, Cenk, Assistant Project Manager
Email: csariucak@portmorristile.com
Sarmiento, Lota, Drafting
Email: lsarmiento@portmorristile.com
Sela, Arta, Assistant Project Manager
Email: asela@portmorristile.com
Soucy, Scott, Project Manager/Superintendent - Boston
Email: sps@portmorristile.com
Thurston, William, Estimator - Boston
Email: wmt@portmorristile.com
Torecilla, Alvaro, Assistant Project Manager
Email: atorecilla@portmorristile.com
Vasconcelos, Henry, Sr. Estimator/Project Manager
Email: hvasconcelos@portmorristile.com
Vespa, Anthony, Executive Vice President, Operations
Email: avespa@portmorristile.com
Viaggio, Vincent, Project Manager
Email: vviaggio@portmorristile.com
Williams, Paul, Estimator
Email: pwilliams@portmorristile.com
Wirein, Mary, Office Manager - Boston
Email: mew@portmorristile.com
Zonca, William, Vice President, Terrazzo; Estimator/Proj. Mgr.
Email: wzonca@portmorristile.com

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